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I want to change the way you think about career transition. What if career transition planning was viewed as the responsible thing to do? What if it was assumed that you WOULD change careers? How would you approach it differently?

Career transition aversion is often accompanied by terms like “risk tolerance” or “comfortable complacency” but what if we put that elephant down for a minute? What are the risks associated with inaction when it comes to your career?

Work and how we do it is constantly changing. This could mean that a career you once loved is no longer a good fit for you. This could be changes in the landscape of your niche or it could be changes in you. The saying, “refusing to make a decision is still making a decision” rings true here. Of course, you can wait out the possibility of a course correction but that is relinquishing control over your life and goals to things you have no control over – time and industry evolution. Take back control and eliminate the gap between wishing and doing in a responsible and proactive way – planning.

Coaching will help you to identify positive lessons from your current situation to assist you in determining next steps. We can engage in a holistic transition journey or we can dig into identifying missed or ignored opportunities in your current situation. 

Changing careers does not have to be scary and you do not have to keep putting it off. What you do need is a plan.


Let's work on one together and set you up for success. 

Recommendation: If you would like to remain in your current position you may want to investigate the Supporting Lines High Performance Index as a good starting point.  
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