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You passed your test. They sent you your license. Now what?
You've been at it for 6 months and you haven't made a cent. You're going broke. Now what? 
You slayed it. You have so much business that you need help. Now what?
Being a Realtor is the most emotionally tumultuous professional journey I have been on. I currently run a Real Estate business in Victoria, BC, Canada. As a new agent I found all the "coaching" that was available was flashy and demanding. It was one subscription service after another all touting the "best method". And, many of them work for some but none of them worked for me. It just wasn't the right fit. I wanted to build MY business.
I believe that success comes from a foundation built on integrity, alignment, systems, and creativity. 
If you are a new agent, you need to build a business that is in alignment with you as a person.
If you want to grow and scale or start a team you need to develop solid HR systems and leadership skills to keep and develop your agents. Individualized coaching allows you to build your business the way you want it to be. 
Coaching will help you set up a business that is in alignment and integrity with who you are. It will also help you identify your leadership style and shortcomings and attack them with tenacity to set you up for growth. 

Proof I believe in business alignment. Also, always open to referrals :).


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