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Holly Courtright, MA, CEC



Hi, I'm Holly and I am excited you are here. I am a strength- based mindset and communications coach focused on building culturally positive work environments through incremental shifts in everyday activities and behaviours. 

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My Leadership Philosophy - Amazing leaders are built, not born. How we lead others begins with how we lead ourselves - great leadership is a holistic adventure that begins by exploring how you can best leverage what makes you uniquely you. 

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My Coaching Philosophy - Coaching is a partnership built around progress that is nurtured by open-minded curiousity. 

I don't know who said this but someone did and it stuck - "I have no attachment to being right about you, only right for you." 

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My Life Philosophy - Take chances. Be brave. Fail, learn, and try again. 

Life is this crazy, wild thing that is happening at a million miles a minute all around us. We can chose to take part in all the mayhem or sit back and observe. You get one life - one chance - one opportunity. Seeking perfection is a waste - seek joy. Seek joy in your work. Seek joy in your relationships. Seek joy in yourself. Focus your goals on life's joy and you will not have regrets. You will also be far more likely to chose participation over observation.

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  • Certified Executive Coach - NOT an untrained business mentor and NOT industry specific

  • No Fake Promises - I won't promise you transformation. I will promise you accountability.

  • Professional Insight - Experience in the public and private sectors in unionized, non-unionized and not-for-profit enterprises. Your workplace challenges are unique - I get it.

  • Lifelong Learner - I love learning. I have a BA in English, an MA in Human Rights, and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching and I still believe that the most valuable learning we can do is about ourselves. 

  • 20 Years of Coaching & Leadership Facilitation - I fell into this line of work, then I fell in love with it, and then I thought I should get some training and I could actually be good at it. So, I did. 

  • Candid, No-Nosense Approach - I'm gentle but you aren't getting out of here without an expectation that you put work in. If honesty scares you, we are likely not a good fit.

  • Flexible and Relaxed - Not rigid or intimidating.


Cedar - the wonderdog. 

As an International Coach Federation (ICF) credentialled Coach, my certification was dependant on meeting strict educational and behavioural competencies.  As a Certified Executive Coach, I am bound by professional standards and ethics.

Click here to review the ICF Code of Ethics. 

My Approach to Coaching

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