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Leadership used to be a concept versus a skill and it was believed that good leaders were born that way. We have come to realize that leadership is in fact a skill that can be learned and improved upon. 

Assessments, when done well, provide a leader with valuable insight into their leadership style, strengths, and opportunities for improvement. One skill that often seperates the good from the great leaders is the ability to seek out and utilize feedback as a means for personal and professional growth. 




Holly Courtright is certified by, and works collaboratively with, the SupportingLines Institute to utilize the High Performance Index™ (HPI) leadership assessment tools for individual and 360° assessments.  


SupportingLines has developed assessment tools that are data-driven and statistically signifigant. The goal is to develop a high performance culture through the identification of key leadership focus areas. The HPI and 360° assessments are participant driven and co-created with the facilitator. 

A typical 360° engagement for an individual involves 3-6 external assessments from peers, leaders or direct reports, facilitator de-briefs and presentation of the results. A 3-6 month engagement is recommended with a minimum of 6-10 contact hours of coaching to define actionable steps. 


Team assessments are also available and function as a solid foundation for team development.  

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