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Executive Coaching is available as hourly or duration packages. Depending on the outcome goals from our engagement, one may be a better fit than the other. Popular packages are listed below. There is flexibility in all coaching packages and you have the freedom to schedule sessions that suit your needs and convenience. There is no charge to change your appointments within 24 hours. Didn't find what you need - reach out and I can customize a package for you. 
Coaching hours are available in bundles of 3, 6 or 10 for individuals and bundles of 15 or 25 for companies that wish to share the hours between multiiple individuals. 
Embracing Leadership
3 months, 6 coaching hours, 6 x 15 min rapid check ins, ongoing email support
This program was developed for those indidviduals who are new in their leadership role or who have transitioned into a new leadership role through an internal promotion. This program will provide you with the opportunity to make decisions on your leadership style and lay some mental groundwork for what lies ahead. New leaders often focus on identifying their place in their new role and the responsibilities they have to themselves and others.
Leading Teams Through Change
4 months, 8-16 coaching hours, ongoing email support  OR
6 months, 12-24 coaching hours, ongoing email support
Sometimes we are blessed with fair warning that a major change is afoot. It may be a full or partial restructuring, a merger or acquisition or even the implementation of new technology or far reaching policy and procedural changes. This program will allow you the space to identify areas that you can be proactive in to prepare yourself and your team for the change. 
Mission, Vision, and Goal Alignment
6 weeks, 3 coaching hours, 3 x 15 min rapid check ins, ongoing email support
*Note: this program has a homework component
Whether you are developing the mission and vision for a new business venture or working on your personal mission and vision for your future, aligning these with your goals will benefit you in the identification of success markers and the development of personal and professional growth in a way that lends itself to overall lifestyle success. With a focus on balance and inward investigation, this program works to align your personal with your professional and seeks the balance that will help you see increased success in both. 
Managing Disruption
2 weeks, 5 coaching hours, ongoing email and text support
There are times when, no matter how prepared you are, you are blindsided by a decision that has immediate consequences and your behaviour and communication is of the utmost importance. Managing disruption is an intensive program that was initially developed to manage an abrupt disrption to a leader's environment such as a termination or an unexpected promotion. 
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